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David Michael Kertesz
3D Modeler proficient with 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender and Zbrush
Texture Artist well versed using Zbrush, Mudbox and Photoshop, Substance Painter and Quixel Suite
Strong team player who specializes in creative solutions and effective workarounds


Senior 3D Artist, Zynga, San Francisco, CA 2009-present
Create 3D assets from concept to completion on multiple live titles
Model/texture game assets and help set up the art pipeline between Maya and Unity on unreleased mobile game
Provide feedback and direction for 3D assets to two outsourcing groups
Train other team members in our pipeline
Test daily feature builds and bug fixes
Test various alpha build features prior to release
Brainstorm features and ideas for games

Environment Modeler/Texture Artist, Nuko Toys, San Francisco, CA 2009
Create 3D environmental assets for an indie unreleased title
Create original texture and normal maps for game assets
Develop efficient workarounds based on restraints of the Unity game engine

3D Modeler and Texture Artist, Factor 5, San Rafael, CA 2008
Model 3D assets based on concept art and real life references for an unreleased title
Create original texture/normal/illumination maps for game assets
Develop level of detail and collision meshes for 3D assets

3D Artist, Changing My Mind, San Francisco, CA 2006-2008
Model, Texture and Animate 3D Assets for an indie documentary
Develop storyboards and concept art
Create mockup animations/art for weekly meetings

Senior Animation Tester/Assistant Modeler, EA, Emeryville, CA 2005-2008
Test Spore’s proprietary procedural and key framed animation system
Develop new fail cases/solutions for animation problems
Assist in the creation/modification of 3D Assets under the Lead Modeler
Test daily feature builds and bug fixes
Test various alpha build features prior to release

QA Tester, Sony, San Mateo, CA 2005
Test daily feature builds and bug fixes for Socom 3 and Jak X Combat Racing
Test various alpha build features prior to release
Discover bugs and report them to uphold the integrity of the brand
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Communication Arts & Design: Kinetic Imagery: 3D Animation/Video Editing

William Penn Scholarship, Private Organization

Computer Skills
3DS Max
Unity Game Engine
Unreal Editor
Marmoset Toolbag
Quixel Suite
Substance Painter
Microsoft Office
Ableton Live