Rainne from Monomyth

This is my newest piece based on a concept by Randy Bishop from his IP Monomyth. The design for his character Rainne is fantastic and I wanted to explore bringing her to life. It took me longer to finish than I wanted but I learned a lot with this project and am stoked on sharing some of my process with you.

David kertesz monomyth render 2k sm

Beauty render

David kertesz bpr sm

Zbrush BPR, nothing fancy here

David kertesz monomyth wireframe 2 final

Head wireframe closeup

David kertesz monomyth solidshading 1 final

Character solid shaded

David kertesz monomyth wireframe 1 final

Character wireframe

David kertesz 9 5 2017 hair2